Couples & Marriage Counseling for Veterans

Online Couples Counseling for Veterans

Navigating the complexities of a relationship can be challenging, especially for veterans with unique experiences. Our online couples counseling provides a convenient way for you and your partner to engage in therapy, working towards a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

Veterans Couples Counseling

At Warrior Counselor, we recognize the unique dynamics that veteran couples experience. Our specialized couples counseling is tailored to address the specific issues that arise from military life, helping you and your partner build a stronger and more resilient connection.

Veterans Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a journey that requires constant effort and understanding. Our veterans marriage counseling is designed to provide you and your spouse with the tools to navigate the complexities of married life, fostering growth, and promoting a deeper sense of intimacy.

Confidential Counseling for Veterans with Lauren

Lauren’s mission is to serve those who have served. People who serve in the military and its culture are defined by duty, honor and commitment. Raised in military communities, Lauren knows the toll it can take on the individual, couple, and family is real.

As a counselor for Military One Source, she has helped people overcome the effects of multiple deployments from PTSD to relationship problems. Working with Lauren, couples learn how to identify their dysfunctional patterns, communicate effectively, and avert conflicts before they arise.

To be clear, not every success means a couple stays married. Sometimes success is separating as friends peacefully and learning how to effectively co-parent.

Lauren’s mission to counsel veterans is profoundly impacted by the stories of the POW/MIAs she wrote about with Project Recover, a nonprofit that brings American POW/MIAs home. More than 70 years later, their enduring legacy message is one of love, unity, gratitude, and hope.

Counseling today’s veterans is Lauren’s acknowledgement and thank you to our living, past, and fallen heroes.

Your relationship matters, and so does your privacy. Lauren offers confidential couples and marriage counseling that respects your experiences and challenges. You can openly explore your concerns in a stigma-free environment, knowing that your journey is respected and valued.

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Courage is knowing you want a better life — and going for it.

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Working with Lauren

We all have stories about our lives. When you work with Lauren you’ll become aware of the cause and effects behind your story. As you become more aware of the why, you will learn more about yourself, what you want, and what stands in your way. Through it all, you will become more empowered to live into your fullest and happiest expression of yourself.

Lauren’s style is direct and compassionate. She asks questions, offers ample reflection, and challenges the status quo appropriately. The counseling journey is a deep dive to your inner truth and finding tthe courage to stand for it. Lauren brings skills, presence and reflection to challenge and accompany you on that journey.

Trust Yourself

This is where the journey begins.